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Silk Screen Printing

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Silk Screen Printing is the most versatile of all printing processes, and we have been doing this type of printing for over 35 years.

The inks are reasonably opaque, and there are a wide variety of ink types to choose from. This makes it possible to print on almost anything. We often joke about the fact that if it will hold still for a moment, we can print an image on it.

We offer hand printing for Exhibit Signs, Specialty Electronic Parts, 3D items, Ad Specialty items and many other types of things which are too numerous to mention. Typically, hand printing is used for medium to low quantities of items, and also items which cannot be put through a printing press. Museums regularly have us silk screen print introduction text images directly on vertical wall surfaces.

We also have 3 semi-automatic presses which are more appropriate to run higher quantities of items. Posters would be one good example.

Local litho printers often send skids of printed sheets to us to have us add a UV Spot Coat in designated areas of their press sheets. The UV Clear Ink renders a super high gloss coating which is unobtainable by any other printing method.

Another specialty of silk screen printing is Metallic Scratch-Off Ink. Litho printing companies will produce various forms of lottery tickets, or prize tickets, and send everything to us to have Silver Scratch-Off Ink applied to the specified areas.

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